The following apps for iPad/iPhone (some are not available for both devices) are useful for RV traveling. Find them in the AppStore.

Allstays Camp & RV

  • There may be a small cost for this app, but it is worth it.

This app shows you on a map where you can find things like:  campgrounds (with different symbols for National Forests, State, and private campgrounds), Walmarts (including whether they are likely to allow parking overnight), truck stops, etc.

  • There are other Allstays apps that may include some of these items.  This one combines most of them in one place.
  • There is additional info given for each item on the map, including a web link, if available.
  • Unfortunately, there is no estimate of camping costs.  You’ll need to use another app to try to get this information.

Allstays RV Dumps

  • Free
  • Similar to Allstays Camp & RV, but it helps you locate RV dump sites. 
  • Note that while Camp & RV seems to combine info from other Allstays apps, it does not include RV Dumps, so you’ll need to have this app, too.

RV Park Finder

  • Free?
  • While not as easy to navigate as Allstays Camp & RV, this app does provide more detail on the campgrounds, including better cost estimation.  You may want to locate a potential campground using Camp & RV, then use this app to get more details about the campground.

RV Parky

  • Free
  • Helps you locate nearby campgrounds, Walmart, RV dumps, fuel stops, etc

Chimani National Parks

  • Free
  • Great reference for location of National Parks near where you are traveling, based on a map.
  • Great reference for National Parks, listed alphabetically, based on type of park.
  • There are also more Chimani apps that specialize in individual National Parks, also free.  These apps give move details, such as shuttle service at the park, maps of the park, etc.


  • Free
  • Gives you information about what’s available at upcoming exits on the highway.  You can search upcoming exits for specific businesses, amenities, etc.

GasBuddy, FuelFinder, Cheap Gas!, Gas Cubby

  • Free apps
  • Help you find cheap gas near you
  • These are some good ones.  There are others.


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  1. Marg H. on May 31, 2018 at 11:04 am

    Here’s an article from FMCA about 30 Must-Have Apps for Full Time RVing. It includes all of the apps listed in this Blog post, as well as some others you might find helpful.

    Here’s the link:

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