Some things to check if your slideout won’t retract (or extend):

  • Is the ignition on? (for Sprinters, you should actually start the engine to turn off the glow plugs, rather than just turning on accessories)
  • Is the parking brake on?
  • Are the coach batteries connected (In-use mode, not set to storage mode)?
  • Is the slider key turned on?
  • Is the slider button pushed?  Are you pushing it the right direction?  If it is buzzing, then you are going the wrong way. 

If your slideout still won’t retract:  Check the hydraulic pump motor, usually behind the coach entrance step.  Is the power lead from the battery to the hydraulic pump motor making good contact?

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  1. LORRAINE JACOBY on August 4, 2019 at 5:59 am

    The slides were working fine and now they won’t. No sound from the motor. The red Jack’s light by the driver’s side lights up when we push the slides buttons.

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