I own a 2004-5 Coach House Platinum 272XLS that I purchased in 2012. I have always had problems with local gas stations being able to add propane to the LPG tank. They claim the tank is full even though the “Test” panel says it’s close to empty and the refrigerator won’t stay on LPG. Is it possible that the valve on the tank is not standard or is there some other way to fill or test it?

Ron H.

Won’t Stay on LPG?

My 2008 241 came with a Dometic DM2663 refrigerator.  I can only think of two ways that it “won’t stay on LPG”.  First, when you are out of LPG, or the CO sensor has tripped, it stops with the “CHECK” light on.  Secondly, when the refrigerator “AUTO” switch is set on and AC power is available either from the inverter or from shore power, it turns off the “GAS” LED.  I hope this second scenario is what you are seeing.  That may also explain why your LPG is always full, since you would be using AC to run the refrigerator.

Bad LPG Reading on Test Panel?

As to your “Test” panel indicating a low LPG level, please examine the dial gauge on the LPG tank itself. This gauge has a fragile plastic case that clips onto the LPG tank on a special post that communicates to the dial magnetically.  If any plastic clips have broken off, the dial may no longer be close enough to the tank’s magnet to report the proper LPG level back to your test panel.  Perhaps your dial was replaced without syncing it to the magnet in the tank?  You can sync the dial to the tank by using a magnetic pointer on the front of the dial to drag the needle to the full position.  I don’t recommend removing the dial unless you are ready to buy a new one, as the clips break off easily.

Propane tank waiting for new gauge to be mounted on the H12C post.

New propane tank gauge before installation

If the dial indicates a full tank, but your test panel says, not, then there is a probably a loose connection or wiring problem between the dial and the test panel.

I got a new dial over the internet for about $35 last year.

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